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What happens next?

Our customer service team may call you from 1-888-400-5945 to confirm the details of your request. The selected licensed Healthcare Professional will then review your medical history and will reach out to you via email or phone from (480) 994-2561 with any questions.

Within 24 hours after their review, we will notify you of the Healthcare Professional's evaluation of your request. If your Healthcare Professional determines that a BREXAFEMME prescription is right for you, you will receive a text message with instructions for requesting BREXAFEMME online. If you place your order before 5:00pm EST, you will receive BREXAFEMME via home delivery or by picking up at your local pharmacy within 24 hours of requesting.


Contact our customer service team by calling (855) 235-5279; or email us at service@getbrexafemme.com or by clicking the Contact Us page.